LEGAL WARNING: Unless CEO John Neal, PA Nicole Adomeit, plus Lloyd’s Jetliner / CruiseLiner Insurer officials confirm forthwith that the owners of Jetliners / CruiseLiners insured by Lloyd’s Exchange Insurers based at Lloyd’s Exchange Building, 1, Lime Street. London EC3M 7HA – have registered / joined “” & “”, paid the joining fee and enjoyed benefits a thousand times their joining fee, includes using successfully free life immune Michael’s corona cure, huge Hitech finance benefits with ability to work normally without 2M spaces / lockdown, Armed City of London Police, with Warrants for their arrest at 1, Lime Street, or their homes, take them into custody for Negligence / Wrongful forbid Lloyd’s Insurers joining to be prosecuted in criminal courts for Corporate manslaughter of thousands by flying noisy, fatally flawed Jetliners / CruiseLiners, dumping sewage / plastics spreading / infecting world shores.


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Common Question:

How does one know you are cured of Coronavirus?

When symptoms of feeling cold end, all virus are dead.  Feeling cold is message from Mother Nature, Michael’s cure, be warm clad below chin, 11 mins., you are cured / immune for life.

Very Important: Do not clad above chin as brain has thermostat – hypothalamus – which will cool body down and favour virus replication.

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